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Our right to a healthy environment
Manly is a beautiful place with its sandy beaches, Norfolk Pines and public open space. Each year tens of thousands of tourists come to Manly to enjoy the things that we enjoy every day. Making a trip to the beach, going for a walk, having something to eat or taking the children to sport is about getting fresh air and living life to the full.

Residents of Manly and everyone who visits have the right to a clean, healthy environment. To preserve this right for the community, Manly Council has made its beaches and some public space areas smoke free. This means everyone can breathe cleaner air and enjoy a healthier environment.


Smoke Free space: better for everyone
Smoking – even so-called ‘passive smoking’ – significantly impacts our health with dozens of cancer-causing chemicals. For children, exposure to tobacco smoke increases the likelihood of SIDS, asthma and ear and chest infections. For adults, sustained exposure to this smoke increases the chances of developing heart disease and lung cancer.

Cigarette butts present a major litter issue on our beaches and in our public areas. They take decades to break down, badly affect marine animals and birds and are very difficult to clean from our beaches.

Manly’s environment is priceless to its residents and attracts visitors and tourists to our area and our local businesses. Help us protect Manly for everyone.


Smoke Free Areas
Smoke Free Zones initially commenced in Manly on 1 December 2004. Since that time further areas have also become smoke-free.
Smoking is no longer be acceptable in the following areas:
• All harbour and ocean beaches
• Within 10 metres of all Council owned children’s play areas
• On and around all Council sporting grounds and playing fields
• Within 10 metres of all Council properties
• At all alfresco dining areas on Council land.
• At all Council events.
• In any leases, licences etc on Council owned and managed land or property.
• In Council owned parking stations.
• Within bus shelters.
• Within 10 metres of any public hospital building or boundary.

Please observe and respect the Smoke Free Zones as Manly Council can fine offenders if necessary.




As a reminder of the law, no-smoking signage has been installed to indicate a Smoke Free Zone.




Cleaner.  Healthier.  Happier.

Manly Council has initiated Smoke Free Zones to make Manly a better place to live and a better place to visit. Now other progressive Councils are following our lead to make local communities cleaner, healthier and happier places to be.

For further information visit our Manly Council website – www.manly.nsw.gov.au/Smoke-Free-Zones

Or contact:
Manly Council
PO Box 82
Manly NSW 1655
Phone: 9976 1500 Fax: 9976 1400

Email: manly@smokefreecouncils.com.au

A copy of the Smoke Free Outdoor Areas Resource Kit for Local Government is available in pdf for download here - Smoke Free Outdoor Areas Resource Kit for Local Government

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